Hi. I am Doug.

I am a husband, dad, spiritual leader, speaker, coach, entrepreneur, and author living outside metropolitan Atlanta. I am a decision scientist. That gets it’s own line because it underpins pretty much how I have succeeded at everything in the previous line. What are my strengths? I am great at helping people thrive spiritually. I am great at solving problems (corporate, business, process, and personal) problems. I am even better at helping people make decisions that launch them to success. 

Lately my writing, speaking and consulting have focused more on making disciples. Last year debuted the book “How to Make Disciples” that shares the secret sauce and all the steps to the Sustainable Discipleship™ model. I am hoping that it helps others achieve the incredible results that we have experienced. After years of struggling to make disciples, we are now six generations deep in self-sustaining, self-replicating disciples! I thank God for the years of research, trial, and error that resulted in Sustainable Discipleship. I intend on sharing it with anyone who will listen.

My experience has been that most Christians feel unprepared, insecure, and unskilled when it comes to following God. They wonder if they are making the right decisions—if their decisions are the decisions that God would make. They long to follow. They long to know God, but they have no idea what to do or why to do it. I help people untangle this mess and help others learn to do what I do.

I accept a limited number of requests from people who would like one-on-one help becoming prepared, confident, and skilled at succeeding in life and business through discipleship. If that’s you, use the contact form below.

I still take on a limited number of business clients because, well, I love business and I get off on helping people succeed and solve that “one thing.” I also still speak on leadership, followership, and decision making to corporate and non-profit clients. Yes, I love doing keynote speeches. Who doesn’t?

This blog is my personal sandbox blog where I write on whatever I want to write. I try to post a couple of times a month but, honestly, this is not a business venture so I am not making any commitments. It is my place to write short articles on twisted ideas and things that I think might help people.

If you want to know more about Sustainable Discipleship, visit the team here. If you want to know more about Thinking, Acting and Deciding Differently, visit the team here.

I look forward to any thoughts and comments. Interacting encourages us all and makes us grow. Trolls beware – we put you out. Have fun and thanks for visiting.


I am part of the skilled and growing team of teachers at Three Taverns Church in north-metro Atlanta. Three Taverns is my home base, where I am privileged to make disciples and be a disciple. I am amazed at the culture and depth of leadership that discipleship has brought us. It is that depth that allows me to now focus on coaching rising leaders, speaking, and writing.

I have a Ph.D. in Leadership and an MA in Biblical Studies. I am a Decision Scientist with the appropriate degrees and continuing work.

I founded Different.ly, a decision science consulting firm that helps, leaders, churches, and corporations to make better decisions and solve problems.

I am the founder of Visual Study Bible and the designer and architect of its flagship product WordBloom.com. Wordbloom is a grassroots mind-mapping, bible study SAAS.

I am the leader of Sustainable Discipleship – an incredible platform that allows anyone to exponentially and successfully help people follow God to an incredible life. We have the stats to prove it!


I do all my initial writing in Ulysses for Mac. I highly recommend it for cloud storage, security, and mostly an easy to use but full featured writing tool. I edit all my writing for readability in Hemingway Editor and then check my grammar with Grammarly. 

I publish with Vellum. Vellum is an incredibly easy and quick way to style a book and publish to ebook and print with a simple, intuitive interface. Audra Gerber did an excellent job editing my book. You can find her on Upwork.

My blog is managed using WordPress hosted on a SiteGround server. You cannot beat their customer service. 


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